Ardenwood Elementary 8 Great Traits

Both of our children attend Ardenwood Elementary, we’ve been going to PTA and school meetings whenever we had a chance. Last week, when I was at the parent meeting, I was reading the poster on my son’s door, “Ardenwood Elementary Eight Great Traits” and I think these traits should be maintained and carried through life

Why Does Our Body Smell?

Wow, I didn’t know about all the things that can cause body odor. Here they are

7 Tips To Prevent Bad Breath

I’ve been using Hydrogen Peroxide to brush my teeth and rinse. These will be checked to see if they really work. 7 Fresh Tips to Prevent Bad Breath  

Disneyland CA 2012

So, Audie is 8 and Brando is almost 6 and it’s their first time to Disneyland. I was shocked to see the prices on line. I remembered the last time it was $32-36, it must have been a while then. Brando didn’t make the Indiana Jones ride, it requires 46″ tall and with shoes, he’s