Ardenwood Elementary 8 Great Traits

Both of our children attend Ardenwood Elementary, we’ve been going to PTA and school meetings whenever we had a chance. Last week, when I was at the parent meeting, I was reading the poster on my son’s door, “Ardenwood Elementary Eight Great Traits” and I think these traits should be maintained and carried through life for adults.

1. Caring: I take care of myself, others and my world.

2. Honesty: I tell the truth – I’m truthful and honest.

3. Responsibility: I’m responsible for everything I do and say – I am dependable and perform at my best.

4. Integrity: I show self respect by taking pride in my words and actions – I demonstrate self respect and integrity through my words and actions.

5. Respect For Others: I’m kind to all people – I appreciate all people and treat them fairly.

6. Citizenship: I help people in my classroom, school and community – I contribute to my classroom, school and community.

7. Planning & Decision Making: I make good choices – I plan ahead for success, I consider the consequence of my actions and I make good choices.

8. Problem Solving: I cooperate to solve problems in a fair way – I cooperate to resolve conflicts fairly and peaceably.


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