Some People Should Not Own Dogs

This morning we came out the front yard and we saw some dog waste right on the walk way.  These days, many people want to be real American, they go out and get dogs, but they have no consideration or even the right mind to own a dog. Irresponsible dog owner want to be, the

3rd Grade Star Test

Every year since 2nd grade, Audie had to take the STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) test in her school. She’s been improving slowly from her 2nd grade test. One thing we (as mom and dad) don’t understand is her total score percentage is lower than each category average percentage. I think there are extra credit

Texting Without Phones

These days, most of public places, restaurants, shopping malls, stores have free wifi and at home or work, definitely wifi exists. We never have our texting feature turned on on our phones, we don’t need texting. I’m sure when our kids get older, they will need them and then, we will have to spend $30/month

Paint Old Bike – Hand Me Down

Audie turned 9 and Brandie 6, Audie got a bigger and new bike while Brandie will take over the “princesses” bike from Audie. We could buy a new one for Brandie, but it would be wasteful since “Princesses” bike is still good. Audie persuades Brandie to paint her bike to a boy’s bike. Brandie likes

Add Freon To Older Car AC System

It’s been hot in the last few days in Silicon Valley, my sister’s Mitsubishi Montero AC system doesn’t blow cold any more. These days, in CA with all the environmental people trying to make a buck, it’s hard to find Freon R134A for any car. We have to take the car to the dealers or