Audie First Monsta X Concert

2018-12-01 – Audie asked us to let her go to Jingle Ball Concert to see K-POP Monsta X at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. She’s in High School this year and she’s been doing very well in school, so we let her but with a chaperone, and older college student. It’s Christmas season, it’s also one of her presents. The ticket range from $55-100, she wanted to be on the ground floor close to the performers, we had to shell out $100 for both of them, with fees and taxes came out to about $250. Since the tickets allow you to be on the ground floor, we had to come early to get inline because we don’t want the tickets to be wasted. We left at 3PM and got there at 4PM, the line was already long. It was cold and windy, at least it wasn’t raining. 

I and my wife took the opportunity to browse Union Square, but we didn’t get a chance to shop, we had to eat due to being too hungry. I personally hate to be driving in San Francisco, thanks to the nimble and quick e-Golf, it was much easier to zoom around on congested streets. The parking fee is outrageous, $13-18/hr. We parked at a near Union Square parking structure, took some pictures and tried to find a place to eat. We walked around and stumbled into Super Duper Hamburger joint. $30 for 2 of us, the cheese burgers put in-out to shame, they were so juicy, hot and the pickles were amazing, it’s worth the money. Mommy always worry for Audie being cold and hungry, they wouldn’t let her in the auditorium until 6:30PM, so we ordered 2 cheese burger for the 2 young cold and hungry crazy girls.

Mommy was right, they’re so happy to see the hot cheese burgers, they gobbled them so fast like they haven’t eaten anything for days.

We can’t stay wandering around SF to wait for the concert to be over at 10:30PM, so we drove home. So, the concert actually cost much more than $100 a ticket, but the important thing is Audie had fun with her cousin and the great feelings in a real concert. We did have a nice time with each other too, husband and wife.

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