Beque Korean BBQ

We cook and eat at home week days, and weekends we eat out and try all different types of restaurant. Last SAT we went to Beque Korean BBQ buffet in Newark. It’s actually very tasty and the servers were extremely pleasant and attentive. Brandon and Mom didn’t want to eat buffet, they ordered Bulgogi beef and seafood tofu soup. Mom wasn’t hungry so she ad the soup and it was delicious. Brandon was so hungry and he enjoyed his Bulgogi, but it was a lot of meat for him to finish. Bulgogi is $15 and Seafood soup is only $10. I and Audie had the buffet for $20 each.

The meats were fresh and well marinated, we really enjoyed cooking and eating Bulgogi, Kalbi, Spicy chicken, Pork Belly and Spicy Ribeye also. There aren’t much choices of meats like GEN Korean BBQ but it’s enough for our tastes and $5 cheaper per person. We did enjoy the place and we will come back whenever we want Korean BBQ.

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