Black Angus Restaurant

2013-01-30 We just received the coupon and the price of Weds special went up to $17.99 now. This year everything seems to cost more and our take home pay is already less. This will be a harder year for many of us Silicon Valley people.

A few times a month, we go out to dinner on week days when we’re too tired or lazy to cook. The kids like Black Angus Restaurant because of the Mango Raspberry Ice Tee, Fried zucchini, steak soup and mud pie, we like the prime rib, Wednesday is the day they have prime rib and mud pie combo for a special price $16.99. The price has been creeping up since it started at $14.99 last year and the mud pie also gets smaller too.

Our kids don’t eat much, we only need to order 2 combos and we shared, Brandon just likes bread and steak soup, zucchini, we’re sure that in a year or so, they will have their own plates and it definitely will be costly. We registered with Black Angus for specials by emails and we do get some specials, especially for birthdays and stuff. The whole dinner with tips is now $60 for 2 adults and 2 children without any special drinks or alcohol. We do enjoy the food and service at Black Angus.

Fried Zucchini     bread

Steak Soup     prime rib and onion rings

Mud Pie     Brandon's dinner

To save money, we’re only go to restaurants that have specials or coupons.

Chef Audie approves

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