Ardenwood Elementary New Math Scores

California adopted the new common core math just like most of the states and we, the parents, have to work harder to understand and explain to the kids about what these nonsense, illogical, unclear math questions meant. Oh well, we’ll do our best and let the scores be. Hopefully, we explain to the kids that

Measure E And Ardenwood Elementary Fremont

2014-06-05 Well, Measure E passed with a wide margin. Sometimes I just don’t understand if these voters ever visit any of these Fremont schools. These schools are just single level buildings, 4 walls simple looking just like a warehouse with chairs and air/heat system. How much does it cost to build each of these school?

Ardenwood Elementary School Choirs At Fremont Unified School District

Every Monday, mommy has to wake up early to take Audrey to the school choir, for some reasons Audrey seems to like it so much. She’s not a morning person, but she hasn’t missed any choir practice at all. Mommy always jokes by asking her to drop the choir so she can sleep in some

YFliker F3 and Razor Fun

Last Christmas, the kids got some exercise stuff and they really like the Y-Volution YFliker F3 and Razors. Mom is trying them out and she may get one for herself for new year. It’s lot of fun.