Comcast Triple Play

We’ve just signed up Triple Combo with Comcast Cable: TV, Phone and Internet for $99 a month. We think it’s a great deal because our cable internet is already $60, ATT land line phone with basic already creeps up to $30+. We’ve been using OTA HD TV with simple HD antenna and it’s been working great. Now,  for $9 more a month, we get analog TV (the kids like cartoon channel), unlimited nation wide, caller ids, and texting with mobil devices. The problem with the TV is it’s not HD, the pictures look horrible on the HD TV, and if we want an HD box, it would cost $10/month per box, now that’s the catch. If we want all 4 rooms to have HD TV, it would cost $40 extra, then it’s $140 month. Well, we’re not going to spend that kind of money for HD TV. We will use OTA for our HD channels and Cartoon Channel of Xfinity for the kids.

We do like the internet service – it’s fast and reliable.

We do like the phone, it has all the functions and especially we can call/text using ipod touch and android pads as long as we can get internet connection. Android and Iphone/Ipod touch have an app called “Xfinity Connect”, just download it to the device. Make sure the main account turns on with a 4 pin id which took us almost an hour to get. After the pin number is done – just set up the devices with the app, easy and it works.

display from standard cable box     hd image

How to get both OTA and Cable box for HD TV.

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