Five Guys Burgers – The Best Burgers Yet

We’ve heard so much about “Five Guys” burgers restaurants and we had to try it today. We went to Five Guys Burgers in Fremont Auto Mall shopping center, next to Chef Cheng restaurant. The cost is higher than all chained burgers joints, but the burgers and fries are the best we’ve tasted. The kids ate all the cheese and meat patties and fries, my daughter even wanted more meat from the mommy’s. Yes, if the kids like it, it must be good, and Five Guys Burgers are good. The kids also like the free appetizer “roasted peanuts in shells”.  My daughter comments : “daddy, there are more than 5 guys in the kitchen” 😆

It’s a six dollar cheese burger, but it’s a real hearty cheese burger, no short cuts, fully loaded with grilled onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, pickles and full size buns patties, you don’t have to look for patties under the buns. Who said you have to cut quality to be successful? This is a real American success story, quality does come with a price and there are still Americans who will actually pay to have quality stuff, at least we do (once in a while 😆 ).


Comparing with other chained burgers

1. In-N-Out: We still like this one, but they cut out the meat, you can’t really see the meat any more because the patties are much smaller than the buns. Still tasty.

2. Mc Donald’s: We only go for fries and nuggets, my favorite Big Macs are always cold, up to a point, I don’t take chances to eat at Mc Donald’s any more. One time, I had to ask the clerk to put in microwave longer (sarcasm) and the manager actually did take it and put it in microwave and heated it up (wow, they do have microwave handy). The cheese was cold and ever melted.

cold bigmac     cold cheese big mac

3. Burger King & Carl’s & Wendy’s & Jack-in-the-Box : Burger King’s charbroiled style I like, but they’re still pre-cooked and re-heat and still cold. Carl’s & Wendy’s are better in being warm but nothing special. Jack-in-the-box actually is the hot one always.

I believe when a company became franchised, the quality start to degrade because individual owners try to make more profit, stay alive, and compromise on quality of food. Until all cheese burgers are made with cheese actually melted to the patties, they can’t be good.




Audie likes it so much she has to write Five Guys a note to put on the comments board at the restaurant, Brandon too.


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