Fix Rumbling Toilet Water Pipe And Float

We had our Jacuzzi Perfecta toilet for over 3 years now, the float starts to leak and make whistling sound when water is running. The water valve is old and starts to rumble when the water runs through it when the toilet is flushed. It’s extremely noisy and shaky when the toilet is flushed at night. We need to replace it. The valve is 1/2″ and 3/8″ compress type, it’s sold at Home Depot for about $9. The float is the normal replacement one for about $9 also. The Tank inlet valve leaks black water when we turned the valve close or open.

We do need to TURN OFF the main water valve to replace the toilet inlet valve, so we had to do it quickly with 2 crescent wrenches, 1 to hold and 1 to loosen the nut.

 Tank inlet valve     Tank inlet valve

new compress valve     new nut and compress ring

Push the valve all the way to the pipe, tighten the compress ring and nut slowly until the valve is tight.

Place new valve     new valve

Now we’re going to replace the float inside the tank. Flush the last tank, lift the flap for all water to go out, there will be some left, get a towel or small bucket to catch the water from the bottom of the tank when we remove the float assembly.

the bottom nut and valve     remove the hose

remove the float assembly     remove the nut

the float assembly is removed     notice the old float length

We should measure the length of the old float to the new float to ensure the water level of the tank be the same when we install the new assembly, if not, the water level will be off low and it’s better to adjust the length outside than inside.

the new length is short     separate the rubber washers

Install new assembly and place it so that the float and the toilet water hose are clear of the tank back wall. Tighten the nut securing the assembly, hook up the water inlet hose and ready to turn on the water.

place rubber      place new assembly

bottom nut     The water level

Make sure the water is correct, if not need to adjust the float by turning the adjusting rod with a screw driver or fingers.

adjusting rod     make sure nothing leaks


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