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Bò Lúc Lắc – Beef Cubes Stir-Fry

Audie likes beef, every time we go to Vietnamese restaurants she can eat the whole plate of “bo luc lac” (beef cubes stir-fry), but some restaurants don’t cook very well and the beef is not tender sometimes. Audie likes to cook the food herself sometimes. Every weekday, we only have about an hour and a half to cook, eat and clean up for dinner. The Grandma cooks the rice on the new Aroma cooker and Homai California rice from Costco (instead of Thai rice), Daddy does the grocery shopping (he does it daily because we live right by Lucky, Safeway and Ranch 99), Audie does the main dish and Mommy does the dishes. We have dinner together every day, except when daddy had to be out of town on business.

Bò Lúc Lắc – Beef Cubes Stir-Fry

Daddy picked up 2 lbs of top sirloin steaks at Lucky $4.99/lb, cut them up into little cubes. The taste is actually in the marinate sauce, so Audie poured some soy sauce in a little bowl, some brown sugar (may be a lot depend on how sweet you want your cubes to be), some cinnamon powder sprinkles, some sesame oil (pure), some black pepper, mix them all up, taste the mix to Audie liking. Marinate the beef cubes with this mixed sauce for about 10 minutes max, then stir-fry them on a very hot pan (use 18000+ btu burner is the best), don’t over fry them, put 10 cubes at a time, not more than 3 minutes each, drop some marinate sauce over these sizzling cubes, brown burned all sides, medium rare. Cut brown and red onions to small square pieces, stir fry them with some chop garlic and the same marinated sauce, then place all over a bed of red lettuce plate. Bring out the rice and eat. For less than $15, we have a great dish for the whole family to enjoy and nutritious too.

marinating beef cubes marinating beef cubes

Bo Luc Lac

Aroma Rice Cooker Homai California Rice

Many savvy people buy expensive rice cookers for $130+ with brand like Tiger and some other Japanese brands and foreign rice that cost twice as much as California rice, but we tried it, we like it and we also like to support California businesses.

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