Hit And Run On 880 Nimitz Northbound

Everyday I heard on radio about hit and run, I couldn’t believe people were so irresponsible for their actions. It actually happened to me the other day while driving home from 880 Nimitz Northbound. The girl pulled over, took a look at my car bumper and her bumper, determined that nothing is wrong but scratches from both bumpers. I looked on the other side of the bumper, the bumper was separated from the body, I let her know, she denied and said it was there before. I told her to wait for me to call the police for them to make a decision. I asked her for the insurance information or wait for the police to come. She got in the car, backed up and pulled into the on coming traffic quickly. I was stunt. My wife asked me to follow her, but I think it’s no use to pursue a deadbeat. The girl was young and sitting next to her was a little girl (younger sister or daughter?) who’s just watching speechless. I was glad no one was hurt. We did see the SUV that hit us a few miles  later, still rowdy driving fast… Her karma will catch up with her later in life. The question is why did I get hit by this girl? I did have a bad thought about a drive just a few minutes before this accident. Karma does include bad thoughts.

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