Teach Children To Be Aware Of Dangers On The Streets

My daughter is 11 and my son 8, they’re old enough to understand things we (parents) explain to them. The dangers of the streets that can cost their lives are often can’t foresee and unbelievable.

We don’t let our children running on the streets for any reasons, if we have to cross a street, they must use cross walks and watch for cars. They can’t step down from the sidewalk until cars are stopped to let the go, “pedestrians have no more rights than cars”. There is no hurry at this kind of ages. We do talk to our children about all the accidents involving children for them to understand the danger of the streets.


Neighbor Jay Hayter told NBC Bay Area that Andrew, who lived nearby, was running across the street on the way to school about 8:30 a.m. to catch the Muni M line train and was trying to avoid an oncoming SUV in the Ingelside neighborhood of Lakeview and San Jose Avenue.

Because the SUV was in the boy’s path, Hayter said: “He just got run over by the train, pulled underneath. He didn’t see the train.” …nbcbayarea.com

SF Middle School Student Killed In Fatal Muni Accident.

Policemen are nice people, but misunderstanding can turn deadly even with children. We don’t buy “look real” toy guns for our little boy (Nerf guns are bright orange/yellow). He’s not allow to bring toy guns outside the house, The most important thing is to follow instructions, especially with Policemen. “You’re not a whimp by following Policemen’s instructions…”

Police Shooting Boy With Toy Gun

Deputy kills 13-year-old carrying fake rifle

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