Hong Kong Cantonese Restaurant

We lived in the area for many years, saw many times but never came here often. We went for dinner with the family a few times. We ordered the meal for family and it was abundant and excellent. We didn’t know how much foods were for 4 people at $15 per person, we had leftover for our next lunch.
The restaurant is not big, inside a small shopping center but quite clean and even has a bar.
The service is excellent, the servers are nice and attentive. The price is extremely reasonable.
We love the moo shoo pork with thin pancakes, we always ordered more pancakes for their generous portion, quite tasty. The sizzling rice soup is great and big also. All the dishes portions are huge. The meat and vegetables are fresh. All the dishes are excellent. Mongolian beef is also our favorite, flavorful and just right. Chicken with veggies is a nice and light dish. The kids could keep their forks off the dumplings. The fried rice is excellent.
Last week we learned the lesson and ordered a la cart, less money but still have leftovers.
I even went alone to have bbq duck wonton noodles for $9 which filled me up nicely.
Yes, this is a best kept secret restaurant in union city.
Hong Kong style Chinese food is easy to eat and more conventional.
We all like this place, 4 thumbs up always. I had to pay cash for my $9 bowl of noodles because minimum is $10 for credit card. Glad I had some cash then.

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