Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant in Newark

We always go here for dim sum whenever the kids have craving for it. The restaurant is in a big shopping center in Newark with 99 supermarket, bakery 85, Popeyes… sometimes it’s hard to find a parking space even with the huge parking lot, there are more parking in the back which is nice. The restaurant has been remodeled to have more space due to new management but the foods still have the same great tastes. Some of the front desk people may have changed, but the food cart people are the same.
The service is always great and attentive even on a busy day with this huge restaurant.
We love chicken feet, stripes, beef balls, shrimp dumplings, Xiu Mai, soft meat rice cakes, tofu wrapped meat and everything we see appetizing.
The price is reasonable and the food is excellent. We all give 5 thumbs up.


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