Free Lunch Cost In Public Schools

We listen to Dave Ross Commentator on the radio every day going home from work (we like to listen to his commentaries), yesterday we heard about school lunches again. Either hypocrites or parents who don’t want to feed their kids well force school to do it for them.  It’s only lunch, and the parents are supposed to pack healthy lunches for their kids instead of forcing the school to provide nutrition meals. Obese kids are not big because of just lunches. Obese kids don’t get big because they eat healthy food every day. Obese kids don’t like vegetables. Wasting food is BAD KARMA, force kids to have food that they don’t want and they throw foods away while other poor kids in different countries have NO food to eat. As parents, we do look at the lunch menu and ask our kids if they want to eat or we pack the food for them to bring to school. We cook breakfast and dinner for them to eat well, lunch can be anything but junk. $2.75 for lunch, it can’t be much with prices these days, but as long as it ties the kids over for LUNCH. They will have good snack when they get home and a nutrition meal for dinner. I can’t believe FREE LUNCH cost so much.

free lunch in school by Dave Ross

Teach our kids to learn to eat balanced meal every day – 

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