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There are lots of sick people in this world, molest children for their pleasures. But also there are many falsely accusers out there. Well, we don’t know the truth until the case go to trial or one of the party made a statement, like Mr. I, killed himself for being accused of having lewd acts on a minor. I think he killed himself because he believed his life was over (28 year old) even if he was found NOT guilty. Someone may have killed an innocent man or NOT, only god knows, but if you believe in Karma like I do, someone will have a bad life coming. With these things happening daily, all teachers, coaches have to watch their every moves because there are tons of over protected and hasty parents out there. These accusations would make teachers and coaches to think twice before spending more time with individuals who need extra helps because it would bring up “paying too much attentions to some particular students” and these days, 11-17 year old girls are not all angels.

Regardless, RIP Mr. I., you did make a “REAL” statement.

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