Tiger Woods Is Back For Good?

2014-01-26 I haven’t been following golf tournaments since Tigerwood wasn’t the top any more. It’s 2014 and he’d already missed the cut at Torrey Pines. Again, until he finds his real purpose of playing golf, I don’t think he will be the best any more…

2013-03-10 Tiger Wood won Doral (WGC) Cadillac.

2013-01-27 Tiger Woods won the Torrey Pines – It’s been a while since I watch his plays – I hope he can get his title back this year.

2012-09-10 BMW Championship – Tiger tried to make a come back on Sunday, but didn’t make it, 3 shots behind Mcllroy ended up with 4th place. Tiger is getting better, but the top 5 is not what he had in mind I’m sure. Anyhow, we all have great expectation from Tiger Woods. Good luck on the next game and the season is almost over since my kids started school already.

8/25/2012 Tiger Woods bad back at Barclay. Ended with 38

8/12/2012 PGA Championship Kiawah Island – The Ocean Course. Tiger ended with shared 11th place. There is no fun in watching Tiger NOT making a come back during the last round. I hope Tiger doesn’t lose it forever because I believe Tiger’s always strong and undefeated.

2012-07-25 Tiger Woods ended with 3rd place with a triple-bogey hole which I think he did great. I think he’s been improving slowly but surely. I didn’t get to watch any of the game, I followed the game on the radio and internet, he’s still good to get the ball out of the huge bunker, putting was the cause of the triple bogey.

2012-07-1 Tiger Woods won again at ATT, I heard he was close to the lead on SAT, I watched it today, it’s great. I’m happy for him.

2012-06-17 Tiger Woods was great up until Sunday-Didn’t make it this time in US Open. I didn’t watch the game. How disappointing.

I haven’t been following or watching PGA tournaments for a few years now, since Tiger Woods was out of the game after the big divorce.  Actually, I haven’t been playing golf since. These days, I only listen to the radio to see if he’s even close to the leaders on Thursdays or Fridays and decide to watch the TV on Sat or Sunday. Last weekend, I watched the Sunday Memorial game and it was like old time, Tiger made a great shot at 16 and he started to play and putt well the rest of the game to win. I was ecstatic.

I was wondering how long it would take life to punish a person from doing a bad thing. I hope Tiger Woods has learned his lesson and become a good person and player again. I do love to see him play well.

Go Tiger,


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