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I bought a Toshiba SSD TR150 480GB from Fry’s to install macOS Sierra on my old desktop Asus P8Z68V LX LGA motherboard and i5 2500k running @ 4.2GHz. In order for the turbo to work, I had to use the iMac13,2 SMBIOS, actually for Ivy Bridge HD4000.

Everything works well except the programs seem to launch and close very slowly. I don’t know if it’s the drive or the macOS Sierra itself. I need to investigate on this one. After a while, the system is cached, open and close apps are faster.

Siri only works with WIFI for location, Ethernet doesn’t work. Need to install a wifi module for location services.

You can get a USB Tenda wifi inexpensively and use this driver to enable it to use location services. We can use Fenvi FV101 adapter to install BCM943225HMB or BCM94352HMB to the PCI-E slot for both wifi-bluetooth combo.

To enable the trim feature on the SSD, the command must be issued and the drive must be connected to 6GB sata port (which this motherboard has 2 gray color on the bottom).

sudo trimforce enable

When everything is done and if you have a Seagate USB External Hard Drive, plug it in and you can download the NTFS to access all NTFS folders.

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  1. hi sir i extremelly request to you please make a toturial about IONVMeFamily.kext and ONVMe SSD drive i like your toturial i nicelly undetstand your toturials

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  2. hi sir how to get this kext color effect on os x mac // please ans me i like this gray kext color effect i extremelly request to you ans me

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