A8 D3 Back Up Camera Retrofit

Found an OEM replica camera set up for $46 with camera included. Will install it later after testing the quality of the camera.

2014-06-21 Found a new camera for $19 – Great angle – Image and the LED prongs fit the original wiring.

CCD camera     CCD Camera

2013-07-21 For those who wants to know if you have the head unit with FBAS or NOT, don’t need to remove the glove box, just remove the CD changer and you can see the MMI 4E0 035 729 shiny box in the back. Look for the green connector.

remove CD     remove CD

MMI in the back     green fbas connector

2013-06-19 Love to park with the RVC

2013-06-07 OK – For MMI 2G systems – 2004-2010 – 3 important things needed to get the camera to  MMI screen are – 4EO 910 441 – 4EO 035 729 “A” –  4LO 907 468 “B” or “C” or 4EO 907 468 “G” or “H”. Before anyone does anything – we need to find out what we have in our cars first – 

Glove Box Removal is a must.

MMI Software version MUST BE 4140 (my 08 Q7) or 4610 (latest) – Update software to 3360 or 4610.

1. Back up sensors (front and back with beeping sound) + Graphical display (4E0 919 283 C – on top of the DVD navigation). If we don’t have these, I believe we can still install back up camera, just no sensors.

Parktronic Graphic Display     Graphic Controller

2.  MMI head unit must have FBAS circuit installed – the letter “A” at the end of the box 4E0 035 729 and the green Fakra connector is needed for camera retrofit – We can buy a used one with the “A” or add the circuit ourselves if we  are good with the soldering iron. The benefit of doing this is “Component Protection” will not come up and we don’t have to take the car to the dealer to remove (software) – it does cost money.

FBAS Populated

3. We definitely need the 4E0 910 441 – Rear View Camera Controller – this one will take the video from the camera and send to the FBAS in the head unit to display on the MMI screen.

RVC Controller

4. The last and important piece is the CAN BUS GATEWAY – 4LO 907 468 B – (“4LO” not “4EO”, and if you find 4EO make sure it’s 4EO 907 468 G or H) – Now if you have ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) then you need (4LO 907 468 C or newer and definitely 4EO 907 468 H – again please check the forum – mine doesn’t have it so I can’t vow for this, but audiworld (JohnnyQ) did it – ask him). The correct versions will have the RVC option and 6C in the VCDS to configure the RVC (Rear view camera).

gateway supports RVC

5. Camera and 5M  Fakra E cable – I use Sony CCD camera – cheap but works fine – You can spend $400 for the whole used set original – for after market camera RCA connector + Fakra Z is needed.

5M Fakra E cable     SonyCCD camera

2013-05-08 It works!!!

Sony CCD Camera – very clear although not very good at night – it fits perfectly in the license plate light holder – the LED light is bright but the terminals are reversed – We have to retrofit with LEDs any how, that’s is also another project. This one also has guide lines which not needed with Audi system.

2013-05-07 I waited for 3 weeks for the “F” to come and it doesn’t support RVC – So, whoever said it did, was extremely irresponsible. Cost me time and $103. I ordered another one but this one is 4L0 907 468 B which I know it supports RVC because it’s used in my Q7.

Back up cameras are so popular these days, even Honda Accord has one as a standard equipment, but with Audi A8, they don’t offer back up cameras until 2007.  All 04-06 must be retrofitted with back up camera system if we want one. I don’t believe dealers even offer to retrofit one for these A8.  I bought an 06 A8L because it’s $6-7k cheaper than comparable 07, therefore I have to install back up camera for our A8L.

After doing some research about the system and input from different Audi forums, I have some ideas what need to be done to have my camera installed. Well, first thing is to check if I have all devices that support RVC (Rear View Camera).

This is the block diagram from Rear View Camera System on Audi cars. Depends upon the year and options of our cars, a certain parts need to be modified  or added. For 2006 that has parktronic system installed, we should have graphics display on the MMI screen which we already have the can bus installed 4EO 907 468 B – For my Audi A8 – The Hard ware version must be “F”  (I got the “F” and it doesn’t support RVC- ) or newer – The current one I have in my car is “E”. The MMI control box (head unit) 4EO 035 729  doesn’t have the video circuit like the 4EO 035 729 A, which we have to add or replace with one. The benefit of adding the circuit is to avoid “Component Protection” which we need to take the car to the dealer to get it done if we used a different 4EO 035 729 “A”. The only component we need to add to the system is the camera controller box 4EO 910 441. The camera will go to this controller box and 1 video output will go from here to the modified 4EO 035 729 “A”. We need VCDS to turn on the camera option and everything should works.

camera block diagram

Can Bus Controller     MMI Head Unit

Since I didn’t have all the devices ready – my project is already 3 weeks old – due to finding out things I need as I go along: 04-05 don’t have 4E0 919 283 C – the Graphical Display – I don’t think you need it if you want to install RVC – but if you want the overlaying between the graphical display and camera view, then install it. It’s standard on 06’s.

Must have for any Audi MMI system to work with RVC.

1. MMI head unit = 4E0 907 729 A (FBAS circuit populated) or 4E0 910 731 or 732 (newer version). This one best is to modify the existing unit in the car like I’ve it done.

Non Populated     FBAS populated

FBAS Populated      FBAS populated

2. 19-Can Bus Controller 4E0 907 468 F or G? or H? (it’s on ordered) – wrong one – 4L0 907 468 B is the one. When we replace the GATEWAY, we need to use VCDS to configure the Gateway to see Rear View Camera 6C option.  Follow the video below – Make sure the screen capture all the options we have on our cars because if not all checked – we will have errors coding it.

Gateway module      original gateway

4L0907468B vs 4E0907468E     6C fails to communicate

gateway supports RVC

Original installed list from my 06 A8L.

original installed list     Orginal installed list

Original Installed List     The new can bus option

***The TPMS on A8 is 65 system I and Q7 is 4C Tire Pressure II***

can bus controller 4E0 907 468 F

3. Camera controller 4E0 910 441.

RVC Controller RVC Controller

Parktronic Graphic Display Pins connection 4E0 910 441

Since the connector wires cost $10 a wire, and I don’t believe I’m going to remove this box for a long time. I did solder them directly to the pins.

solder wires solder wires

shrink tubing taping 12V

5A fuse case 5A fuse case

4. Parktronic Graphical Display 4E0 919 283 C – to me it’s an option if you  want the graphical display overlay over the camera images.

parking module      parking module

We need to tap into the CAN BUS for the Camera Controller, the best way is to tap into the CAN BUS wires of the Parktronic Graphical Display. The CAN HIGH is Green/Orange wire and CAN LOW is the Brown/Orange (all Brown color wires are LOW = ground).

tap into can bus wires      tap into can bus wires

Before putting everything together, make sure the RVC controller is integrated with the parking system. The first thing we can check is turn on the engine, push the Parking Sensor button on the dash, the graphical will show up and on the lower right corner, we should have “Rear View” option. If it’s not there, then the RVC controller is not recognized by the parking system, you won’t see the camera video at all.

Manual Parking Sensor Button on the Dash     Graphical Parking assistance with RVC installed

The back up camera view working

5. Running Fakra “E” (green) 5M = 15ft from the trunk to the front Head unit 4E0 035 729 “A”.

remove the trunk liner     remove a part of back panel

remove the trunk liner remove a part of back panel

Use a plastic guide like plastic sword to poke from the trunk through the front seat along the body – NOT to damage the seat –

guide to front of rear seat     guide to front of rear seat

Tape the Fakra connector to the tip of the sword and guide it through the front along the body – NOT to damage the seat –

Fakra connector to the tip of the sword     guide to front of rear seat

Tuck the cable under the plastic guide on the side while pulling it toward the front –


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