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A8 D3

Attempt To Fix A8 D3 Door Lock Switch On Handle

When the car is exposed to heat by sitting outside for a long time (no garage), the little door lock switch button on the handle no longer locks the car. This is the attempt to remove the button and hope the button has problem of pushing the switch inside the door handle. If the button has the springing motion travel, chances are the switch is no longer working, don’t try to remove the button because it’s very hard to put it back and seal it from the water or rain.

Actual lock switch Spring loaded button

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  1. Patiently waiting for a solution that doesn’t involve major surgery on the door. Thanks for telling me not to pull the rubber thing off. My 06 D3 does exactly what yours is doing. Driver side doesn’t work, passenger side doesn’t

    I bought the car last November and all the lock buttons worked. In last month or so, both driver side stopped working. The push button is so convenient. Now I have to take the key fob out of my pocket and push the button. At least I can just walk up and unlock.

    1. Hello Jim,
      I’m not sure if I can fix it. I’ll try one more thing before I accept defeat LOL.

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