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Warning Labels On Cell Phones

August 11, 2012 | 898 views |

Special Interest Hypocrites now want to have cancer warning labels on cell phones, I can see my cell phone bill will go up to feed these labels makers. So, let me get this straight, I’m so ignorant about these things, if people see these warning labels, they will stop buying the new phones and disconnect their services because they just realized by reading the darn labels (it may cause cancer)?

More labels, more cost to the dealers, higher costs for the consumers. I wonder if these hypocrites know anything about the warning label “bad laws cause more pain to people result in bad karma, bad karma WILL result in broken families, loneliness and cancers, the real ones”.

I think California is ruled by some small special interest groups who make sure there will be more laws to make things cost more to close or chase more businesses out of the state, and create more poor people.

Sometimes I missed the 70’s and 80’s so much, people are much nicer, Californians had more freedom and everything cost of living is so much less.

I may be ignorant and wrong about these wonderful caring law makers, but I came to America to have freedom and great life and every day now, my freedom is shrinking, my great American life is getting to “fair” all thanks to these “socially caring CA law makers”.

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