Add FBAS To MMI Head Unit 4E0 035 729

2013-06-07 Parts needed to add to the board – 4Eo 035 729 to make 4Eo 035 729 A.

All parts should be size 0603 – SMD

Capacitors = 7 x 100 nF, 6 x 47 nF, 1 x 10 pF,  1 x 47 pF, 1 x 1 nF.

Capacitors electrolytic = Size 1 – 1 x 10uF, Size 2 – 1 x 100 uF. The surface mount pads are almost the same distance as the diameter.

Resistors = 1 x 56 ohms, 3 x 0 ohms (can be shorts), 1 x 22 ohms, 3 x 100 ohms, 2 x 1000 ohms,  size 0805 or 1206 1 x 680K (680,000) ohms.

Crystal = 24.576 Mhz SMD or through hole.

SAF7113 = 9 bit video.

Fakra “E” connector (GREEN).

I still have one extra set of these – email me if you’re interested – $30 + shipping (US only) if in Europe contact Kris at VNSMedia to buy.

All Audi A8 from 04-06 don’t have RVC camera as an option. Unless the car has the TV or DVD options, the MMI Head Unit may not have the FBAS for the video input from the Camera. This Head Unit part number for A8 is 4E0 035 729 without FBAS, with FBAS, the part number will have “A” in the end 4E0 035 729 A.

I’m pursuing the RVC (rear view camera) retrofit for my 06 A8, my Head Unit doesn’t have an A, it’s missing FBAS circuit which I have to add for video receiving input. There is a company in Poland that offer to add the whole circuit for a fee, we just have to send the box over to them and wait to receive it back. We can also buy a unit that’s from another car, but the problem is that we will have to take it to the dealer to remove “component protection” because every car is built with specific components to specific id number. When we change something, we need to notify the “mother ship” = Audi center. Therefore, if we modify the existing circuit, we won’t have “CP (component protection)”.

According the expert in Poland, to add a workable circuit for FBAS, we will need all the components on the picture. It’s hard to see what size of components we need on the pictures, but all CAPACITORS & RESISTORS use size 603 SMD. The can electrolytic capacitor use size 1 (10uF) and size 2 (100uF) surface mount.

All these components are designed into support SAF7113H.

SAF7113H design

added FBAS      Original FBAS

Parts readily available in the US are all components except 2 that I have to order for China – The 9-bit video processor SAF7113H and the Fakra male connector “E”. I also ordered 5M Fakra cable from China, but many people order from Kufatec in Germany which is custom made for specific cars like Audi.

If you are in Silicon Valley, sells everything we need for this project – capacitors are $.02-.04 – resistors $.06-.08. 24.576MHz crystal (metal surface mount) = $.87. The cost of retrofitting this board is $15 for SAF7113H from China and $4. for the connector FAKRA. all others are less than $10.00. We do need T8 to remove the board from the case. Harbor freight sells a nice set for $8.

small tool set     T8 screws

The case will have to be drilled and sawed a part for the Fakra “E” connector  to go through.

prepare the case      T8 screws

prepare the case      T8 screws

parts on boards      finished

parts on boards      finished

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22 Responses to Add FBAS To MMI Head Unit 4E0 035 729

  1. mandelo says:

    do you still have set available def interested in purchasing.

  2. mandelo says:

    from start to finish how much did this retro cost im estimating around 550 ? have you came across a actual audi camara is the pix elation better and will video card support a oem reverse camera ive been looking but there not easy to find.

  3. Philipp says:

    You take a 680000ohm resistor??
    Not a 10uH??
    Did i understand this?

    sorry for my english..

    • idog says:

      Yes, I used the 680k ohm instead of 10uH inductor. I followed the instruction from the internet before I read the specs of the SAF7113H chip. When I have time, I’ll change to 10uH and tried 18ohm instead of 0 ohm. Everything seems to work so I didn’t bother. You can try the 10uH and let us know.

  4. Micha says:

    can you tell me something about the parts on the third picture right above the connector (I think it is a picture from an original -A device?)
    These parts are not mentiont in any instructions I found. It looks like a protection circuit so it is not really necessary but it would be nice to know more about this.

    The 18ohm resistors are used for termination of the signal lines (to reduce reflections) but 0ohms are ok, too. This is not as important for these signals.

    The 10uH with the 1nF are used to assist the quartz at startup, the 680k insteat will do the same (and is a few cent cheaper).

    • idog says:

      Hello Micha,
      I think you’re talking about the original circuit board – I believe the input of FBAS is filtered or buffered by this circuit – I wanted to implement the whole original circuit, but I don’t know the IC in the circuit – The picture is not clear enough, also, the big 2 capacitors (values?). I was going to pull the MMI from the Q7 to look for the marking on the 5-pins IC and measure those bias caps and resistors but my wife didn’t let me to tear down the Q7. If you look on the left, it’s by pass the whole circuit with jumper. As I understand and ohm it out, there are 4 video inputs, but FBAS only goes into 1 input, I think it’s pin 43, the muxing for all videos inputs is from the Back Up camera controller. If you can find out the components of the original circuit, please let me know. Now, I noticed the difference between this FBAS implementation and the original Q7, Q7 seems to switch video lines very quickly, the FBAS retrofit, flicker once and switch. Other than that, the quality is the same. Again, my camera is a $20 after market Sony CCD (supposed to be great) which works great in the day time, but very grainy (noises) at night while the original Q7 is very clear.

      • Micha says:

        Thanks for your reply, I had the same problem with the picture but I’ll have a closer look at the wires on my PCB when I modify it.
        Hopefully I can find out something more, then I’ll let you know.
        I’m going to buy the Kufatec set with the original cam here in Germany and after I’ve finished with the retrofit, I’ll try to compare it with the original -A Head Unit. I’ll tell you if there is a differece in switching speed or flickering, too.

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  6. Alex says:


    Thank you for this DIY.

    After installing the unit in the car whit this retrofit. will the MMI show the TV option in the menu? or is it nessesary to Activate the TV option via vcds first?

    • idog says:

      Hello Alex,
      Adding the FBAS is to just add the circuit for Video input VIA “GREEN CONNECTOR (FBAS)”, you don’t have to do anything. In order to have the TV menu, you need to add the Analog TV tuner 4E0 919 146 to the system. With the TV tuner, you don’t even have to have the camera control module to view back up camera – there are 2 inputs (AV1 & AV2), connect video source to AV1 and Camera to AV2, select the appropriate selection to view the Videos. You don’t need VCDS to configure the Analog TV tuner. It’s automatically detected by the MOST optical cable.
      Cheers and good luck,

  7. spider says:

    I have one question. After the mounting components on the PCB is necessary to update the firmware or go directly without modification?

    • idog says:

      Adding the FBAS circuit will automatically accept Video input through this Green Fakra connector. For analog TVtuner output, no need VCDS or firmware update, for back up camera, you need CAN BUS Gateway that supports RVC (rear view camera 6C). MMI-2G should have 3360 or 4140 or higher for back up camera controller. Read about watch tv on MMI 2G, TVtuner has 2 inputs AV1 and AV2 and 1 output, you can directly connect this output to the FBAS connector, connect dvd player to AV1 and back up camera to AV2 and you don’t have to change the gateway, I believe. The only thing is you have to manually switch to AV1 and AV2 every time you use the DVD or Camera.

  8. spider says:

    Thank you for answering,
    I am collecting the necessary components, but the capacitance values ​​for XTAL have be 2x10pF and there is 10pF and 47pF. Any modification?

    Best Regards

    • idog says:

      I just follow the assignment on the PCB picture, the schematic I found out later. Mine is working with the marking on the pictures and NOT the schematic. 10pF and 47pF are next to each other on the picture.
      Good luck,

  9. spider-wifi says:


    I mounted all the components from the description. Now I need to test the functionality FBAS input. I tried to connect directly to a DVD player without success. I want to use fiscube tuner or VNS. But first I want to test the functionality by adding FBAS. Is it possible?

    • idog says:

      The FBAS has to be muxed to the MMI screen, the only way it will go to MMI screen is by the TV tuner or back up camera controller. If you don’t have either one of these 2, how are you going to select on the MMI to display FBAS? What do you want to do with the FBAS? When you buy after market video stuff, make sure they have MMI compatible commands, TV or Auxiliary that uses the FBAS. I just bought a used inexpensive TV analog tuner for $100 on Ebay and do some wiring and play TV or DVD whatever the case may be, it has both AV1 and AV2 inputs.

      • Mario says:

        Hi, i will have the same problem as “spider-wifi” in a few weeks, since i i have in plan to buy the electronic parts which is needed for and put it in place as you wrote in the description! Do i have any chance to check the fbas before i buy the not realy cheap fiscube? Thanks in advance

  10. Fernando Teixeira says:

    I have a 2006 A6 (4F) Avant. Wanted OEM style backup camera (and possibly navigation if reasonable priced) since we bought the car new. Ever consider offering this mod as a service? I’m just down the road in Santa Clara, CA. Would be great, as there will be no need to “ship it” to some unknown modder in Europe, or buy an expensive replacement with FBAS from a breakers who promises it’s “copy-protection free”.

    • idog says:

      I have 1 extra set of components enough to make a FBAS on your board. I have no experience with a6 on how to remove the Head Unit, but I can look it up on the manual. Email me for more information on how to do this.



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