Nintendo After Sale Service Is The Best

On our daughter birthday this year in January, we got her and her brother each a Nintendo 3DS XL from Walmart (best price then). Two weeks ago, my daughter took the Nintendo to Great America and for some reasons, the screen was black  (the back light was dead), she’s sad and scared for breaking it

LED Chandeliers

Every year, we budget some money to retrofit something in the house, this year, we replaced our Chandeliers with modern LED bulbs Chandeliers from Lamps Plus. We bought 2 chandeliers from Lamps Plus when they’re on sale with very low price. The quality of the chandeliers is very good. We checked out the bulbs style

Free Lunch Cost In Public Schools

We listen to Dave Ross Commentator on the radio every day going home from work (we like to listen to his commentaries), yesterday we heard about school lunches again. Either hypocrites or parents who don’t want to feed their kids well force school to do it for them.  It’s only lunch, and the parents are

Walmart Beats Costco In Samsung LED TV Prices

2014-06-30 The Smart hub on Samsung is doing very well with Netflix until some updates clear the Internet country code and Netflix no longer loads. This is how to fix the Netflix in Samsung Smart TV NOT loading. We always trust Costco when it comes to electronics stuff like TV prices to be the lowest,

Ardenwood Elementary Second Grade Field Trip 2014

I was volunteered again to chaperon the second grader field trip at Ardenwood Elementary. I was amazed that there are many parents volunteered to help their kids classes. It was a nice and informative field trip. I did learn a lot and I was amazed that 2nd graders these days get to learn so much