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Movie Theater Price Shock

So, the movie ads on TV really got our kids to force me to take them to the movie theater, they couldn’t wait for the dvd to come out: Mysterious Island 2 in 3D. I took a day off from work on President weekend (Monday) and 12 noon we went to a nice theater near home Century 25 (25 theaters?) to see this movie matinee (hoping the prices would be cheaper). We brought our 3D glasses from the last year, but they still gave us new ones (we’re supposed to dispose them last time).

$34 for one adult and 2 children 8 and 5 year old for the movie tickets (I remembered $4 the last time I went…  😆 with dates). Anyhow, my daughter saw the cotton candy and she must have it, my son love pop corn with butter, so we got a big bucket with a big soda since I and the kids didn’t have lunch (may be 5 guys or in-and-out burgers after the movie), $15.

Wow, almost $50 for a matinee show in 3D, no wonder most movies now have a 3D version. It so funny that there is an article on Yahoo about over priced stuff in movie theater. Yeah, good luck, I know, we don’t have to go if we don’t want to, freedom of avoiding getting ripped-off. They did hold me hostage using my 2 little children (may be I should stand firm on “wait for the DVD to come out”).

Fight back the high priced movie tickets and food.

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